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Teacher gifts that won't get trashed - Personalized!

Of all the people that deserve a huge token of our love at the end of the school year is our kids' teachers.  Ranking pretty high up on the list, teachers are held responsible for molding the minds of America's youth and are often overworked and underpaid. That doesn't mean they aren't appreciated — we just don't always know the perfect way to show them how much they mean to us.
That's why Salt Marketplace is offering and amazing opportunity to make teachers feel special, and you'll be on the path to doing so with this bamboo cutting board ruler! A personalized gifts is sure to have your child's teacher smiling. They make for amazing holiday presents, but will work all year round.  Add to a gift basket or give on its own and (HOORAY!) it's budget friendly.  
Bamboo is a renewable source, very durable and environmentally friendly.  Your child's teacher will feel appreciated all year long when using their durable bamboo cutting board to chop, slice and dice! 
 This is a gift that keeps on giving.....receiving brownie points from the teacher is never a bad thing.....good job Mom and Dad!

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